Clash of Clans New Clone Spell

Clash of Clans: New Clone Spell

Clash of Clans New Clone Spell

Google Translate: Next A Sneak Peek of which we know that will be added to the usual spell that will create clones of troops in Clash of Clans. Prior to that, we have learned that there is a new dark spell, with him also update the factory dark spells. In addition to this latest news may be that will add a new character, it is suspected. But for the moment, it becomes aware of a new spell, let’s look at it in more detail.

What do we know about the Clone spell:

  • Spell will be available in Town Hall 10, on the level 10
  • Required Spells Factory, require level 5
  • The range of the spell, duplicated army
  • On the 4th level of pumping, the cost of Clone spells will be 44,000 elixir, it will be the most expensive spell simple.

How will the spell icon Clone:

Заклинание клон Clash of Clans

How will the new Clone spell:

Clash of Clans клон заклинание

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