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Скачать FHX сервер V7

Google Translate: Some problems with the official site FHX Server, many wrote that he was in the black list of Russian registry. But we managed to easily download, though it was a long time, and we filled the rapid Yandex.Disk, from where you can download without problems FHX server for your androjda. Currently apk version 7, so that when you upgrade a server, we also his perezaleyte. Perhaps you have any questions about the data server, ask them in the comments and the next article will be about it.

Download link FHX Server version 7:

FHX Server V7 (A)

FHX Server v7 (B)

FHX Server v7 (C)

FHX Server v7 (X)

FHX Server v7 (Aln)

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